Friday, April 18, 2008

O2AS is moving!

To O2jammers who interested in O2AS, please visit for more info.
Im moving to there already since this blog cant discuss problem with others,mights well i move to forum so everyone can discuss about it. ^^


Friday, March 21, 2008

New Songs Updated!!

New Song Updated to the server this March. Click the link below to download.

Added songs are:

  • Phase 2
  • GO!!! [SHD]
  • Korean Champion
  • Points Of Authority
  • Prelude Of Moonlight
and more !!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New Avatar Patch!!

Great news! I've updated new avatar shop! New wing added,new avatar (hair,cloth,pants,shoes,keyboard,bass,guitar,drum,etc.) is added. to download the avatar patch, click [DOWNLOAD]

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Download the New OJN patches to play more songs!

Great news to all members of O2AS server:

the server has just added more new songs! download this patch and replace the old OJNList and OJNBEST will enable you to play the new songs.
Here is the latest PAtch! Download and replace the original OJNList in Image Folder,and replace the OJNBEST in the o2jam folder.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Notice! Server uses Hamachi to connect!

In order to access to game server ,user must connect to Hamachi 1st. Download hamachi and Join the server network. Click here to download Hamachi.
Network name: O2AS
Network password: o2jam

After successfully joining O2As network via hamachi,user may enter the game by clicking the launchserv.bat. After successfully launch the game,login to the game with the registered password and login name. See 1st post for registration and web item shop.

Download O2AS Client

Client Download are now available! click on the download above to download. Music files are not available yet but primary using official songs and unofficial songs. Song pack is still under construction. Coming soon!

O2Jam Private Server -O2AS- is up!!

Welcome !! I've launched my own *free for all* o2jam private server ( O2AS ) for O2jammers! =D
Interested to join? If you do,register an account at O2AS Registration Page . For avatar,visit WebItemShop to add you avatar! To add avatar,please download the ItemList and key in the code of the avatar. Note: do not edit the avatar with the game on.
Note: Important Notice! Registration and WebItemShop can only be done with hamachi connect to the server. If KoRu_O2AS is online (greenlight),means the registration is available. For more info,contact